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Superlofts are a new housing concept developed by MKA, combining a global framework with local lifestyles. They provide a blueprint for cooperation, so that people are involved from day one in the design of their own home. The Superloft concept provides an open framework and avoids the conformity of traditional housing, catering to individuals with unique lifestyles looking for tailor-made spaces. Superlofts create a sense of communal urban living, while providing the individuality that makes loft spaces so desirable. The Superlofts concept has proven to be highly adaptable to different neighborhoods and types of inhabitants. MKA is currently developing 134 Superlofts across six sites in the Netherlands, with many more to come.

Superlofts cooperatives bring together future owners before their homes are designed, and MKA coordinates the design and build process together with them. The cooperatives offer flexibility to buyers because they can influence the size and shape of their building, as well as its location. The Superlofts model puts homeowners instead of developers at the centre of the decision making process. The results are larger spaces, higher-quality materials and craftsmanship, and more energy-efficient buildings. Superlofts bring individuality back into the housing market.

Superloft apartments offer a generous structural framework of double height spaces. These can be divided up however homeowners want, either on their own or by engaging MKA’s Homelab to act as their personal design service. Because the structure is so flexible, community spaces can easily be included in the design at minimal cost. The potential for bottom-up initiatives creates true vertical villages, making the Superloft concept so relevant in today’s diverse society. Every new Superloft project contributes to a growing library of designs, further helping to streamline the process. The Superlofts Club App uses the power of sharing to connect inhabitants and provide a platform for exchanging ideas and inspirations. Superlofts are the customisable development models of the future, available today with MKA.