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Superlofts: Do It Yourself Together

What is Superlofts? Click here to see the interview with Marc Koehler and here to watch Superlofts – The Movie.

Superlofts is a new co-housing concept developed by Marc Koehler Architects [MKA] creating a global network of local building cooperatives. Superlofts addresses individuals with unique lifestyles looking for tailor-made spaces for a new way of living in the contemporary city, where personal freedom, inclusiveness and eco-resilience are the fundamental values. The Superlofts concept provides an open framework of action, avoiding the conformity of traditional housing, it creates a sense of healthy & communal urban living, while providing the individuality that makes loft spaces so desirable.

Superlofts offers a raw-space in which home owners can design and build their own dream house. This provides the opportunity to match lifestyle and budget for a variety of user groups and attitudes from ‘affordable do it yourself’ to turn-key luxury.

Superlofts generates radically flexible and resilient buildings that can adapt over time to shifting trends and behaviour.  It is based on a modular and prefab base-structure and and independent and customised fit out systems. This building model has proven to be highly adaptable to different sites often pioneering at the urban fringe.

Superlofts coordinates the ‘design & build’ process together with local design and development partners and the community of future homeowners or tenants. This cooperative development model allows end-users to participate in the decision-making process resulting in uniquely crafted spaces, cost-effective , resilient and energy-efficient buildings.

Superlofts uses the power of sharing to connect inhabitants and Superlofts members, activating social well-being and providing a platform for exchanging ideas and inspiration. The flexibility of the open framework creates an opportunity to add common spaces or shared facilities at minimal cost, resulting in small vertical villages. This creates a sense of healthy & communal urban living while providing every homeowner with a unique chance to build a tailor-made space.

With several projects currently completed and many more in development in the Netherlands and abroad, Superlofts is the customizable niche-development & co-housing concept of the future.

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