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Casco-Lofts Houthaven

– Research on a new sustainable way of building and living
– Modular constructions, BIM software, innovations in the field of procurement and supply chain integration through co-creation
– For groups of individuals that are looking for an optimal balance between design freedom and being part of a cooperative housing community (CPO)

– Three main parts: the high-rise buildings (Haparandaweg), the low-rise buildings (Houthavenkade) linked together by a garden
– The lofts are approximately 5 meters high, 18 meters deep and 6 meters wide
– The windows of 5 meters high and 6 meter wide offer the lofts open views to the river IJ, the Houthavenkade and the Minervahaven
– There are 4 house typologies: Micro lofts, low-rise lofts, high-rise lofts and penthouses
– Floor areas of the lofts from 30m2 to 180m2

– Climate neutral energy system
– CO2 sensitive ventilation system
– Floor heating using heat recovery
– Floor cooling using canal water
– Smart hot fill system in every loft supplies more efficient hot water for washing machine
– Active solar power 2500 W/ apartment
– Passive solar heating by triple glazed surfaces + electric sun screens
– Electric car and bike charging points
– Waste sorting
– Adjustable interior wall and floor system: flexibility in time equals future proof
– Use of sustainable, low-maintenance materials in facade
– Social sustainability due to community development

– 55 unique, self-designed loft apartments form a diverse community
– Shared roof terrace, entrance zone and integrated parking
– Strong active home owner association


Under construction

Houthaven, Amsterdam

Cooperative Housing Community (CPO)


Main architect

Marc Koehler Architects

Architectuurcentrale Thijs Asselbergs, de Architekten Cie, Hootsmans architectuurbureau, Space-Encounters

Project architect
David Klinkhamer

Process manager
Chris Kreijns

ERA Contour B.V.

Simon Bosch
Marcel van der Burg; photo 1, 4, 5, 6