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Superlofts Groningen

Superlofts Groningen is a building for very diverse group of inhabitants. Do you choose for a double high and double-sided loft, a single layer loft or a 3/4 ‘backpack’ loft? All these variantions are possible within the bare frame structure. Natural light, views and space allow the freedom to decide where to place your floors, mezzanine(s), interior walls, stairs, bathrooms and kitchen. The resident is free in choosing either one large open space, creating the feeling of a loft or more divided into several individual spaces.

The Oosterhamrikkade is a street full of activity, which has been transforming from industry to an active area through residential development. The Oosterhamrikkade is currently under development and blossoming into one of the most beautiful streets of Groningen. The location is between the Korrewegwijk and Oosterparkwijk in the cosy Oosterpark area. The neighbourhood has plenty of amenities nearby and has mostly young families as residents.In the district you can find plenty of activities for both young and old. There are also two large green parks, allowing for peaceful recreation or safe areas for children to play.



In development


Mede Opdrachtgeverschap (MO)



Marc Koehler Architects

Main architect 
Marc Koehler Architects


Project architect
David Klinkhamer, Martijn van Sluijters, Mira Nekova

Project team
Menno Brouwer, Moniek Kamphuis