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Superlofts Delft

Superlofts Delft is located in a new neighborhood in Delft, the Coendersbuurt, and occupies a corner plot overlooking the Nieuwe Gracht.

The brick front façade is mostly determined by a grid, infills and openings, punctuated here and there with exceptions that break the grid, such as in the main entrance. Whilst the edges of the plot repeat the rhythm of the neighbors in size and proportions, the corner of the plot is accentuated like a tower. For the first time we experimented with the intensive use of brick in a grid facade, where contemporary and tradition are in balance.

The building includes 9 loft apartments and one row house. Every layout is different, adjusted to each resident.

The building is perforated on the ground floor through a semi-public-walkway, that allows the access to the back yard, the bike parking and the garbage containers.



Under development

Coendersbuurt, Delft

Cooperative Housing Community (CPO)


Main architect

Marc Koehler Architects

Project architect
Mariana Rebelo Fernandes, Martijn van Sluijters

Project team
Alwin Pluim, Menno Brower,  Satoru Muneda