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Superlofts Buiksloterham

Flexible, collective and sustainable, Superlofts Buiksloterham, in Amsterdam Noord, forms part of a series of innovative developments contributing to the district’s ambitions to be the most circular neighbourhood in the Netherlands. Once an intensive industrial site, Buiksloterham is currently  undergoing rapid transformation into a sustainable district for working and living.

The building comprises two sides: a higher block facing Christoffelkruidstraat and a low row facing Ridderspoorweg connected by private gardens in between. The use of concrete, steel and glass references the immediate industrial surroundings while the timber facades add warmth and will age beautifully with the concrete, lending a characteristic identity that sets the building apart.

Designed as an Open Building, Superlofts Buiksloterham comprises 19 Superlofts in 5 types ranging in size from 65-160m2. The flexible Superlofts concept offers residents the opportunity to customise their apartments to suit their own needs and adapt it over time, meaning every loft is unique. At 5.4m high and 5m wide, the lofts are spacious and light complemented by generous voids that accentuate the sense of space. Five loft types including 3/4 lofts, garden lofts,  penthouse lofts, double-sided lofts and single-sided lofts cater to different types of residents resulting in a very mixed community.

Organised as a cooperative of buyers, the residents had an active say in shaping the building and its communal spaces during the design process. As a close-knit community today, they share a roof terrace, which they co-designed, a lobby and car parking.

An integrated approach to sustainability results in an energy efficient building. Floor heating and cooling uses geothermal heat pumps that are collectively owned by the residents and shared with the neighbouring building, and solar panels produce 15200Wp energy in total. Other measures include a solar water heating system, CO2 sensors for ventilation, passive solar design with large triple-glazed windows, hot-fill connections for hot water for washing machines and dishwashers, low maintenance facade materials and heavily insulated facades.




Buiksloterham, Amsterdam North

Cooperative Housing Community (CPO)



Main architect
Marc Koehler Architects

Vink Bouw Nieuwkoop B.V.

Project architect
Martijn van Sluijters

Process manager
Martijn van Sluijters

Project team
Marc Koehler, Martijn van Sluijters, Hugo Vermeer, Edwin Tukker

Vink Bouw Nieuwkoop B.V.

Installation engineer

Structural engineer
VanRossum B.V.

Other consultants
Cauberg Huygen

Made possible by
Province of Noord-Holland

Marcel van der Burg