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Superlofts Buiksloterham

Concept 0f Superlofts Buiksloterham
– A self-initiated community housing project
– Highly tailored loft apartments within a fixed structural framework
– Each loft can be designed uniquely to meet the behaviour of the user and can be adapted over time

– 19 lofts within this open framework with modules 5 meters wide and 5,5 meters high
– 4 typologies: Low-rise Lofts, Garden Lofts, High-rise Lofts and Penthouses
– Floor areas of the lofts from 65m2 to 160m2
– Shapes and sizes of each loft are determined by each family’s demands

– Floor heating and cooling using an off-grid geo-thermal installation shared with neighbouring building, owned by residents
– Adjustable interior wall and floor system: flexibility in time equals future proof
– Use of sustainable, low-maintenance materials in facade such as tropical hardwood alternative based on bio-polymerisation
– Smart solar energy system using both solar (PV) panels (15200Wp) and solar boilers
– Passive solar heating by triple glazed surfaces
– CO2 sensitive ventilation system
– Smart hot fill system in every loft supplies more efficient hot water for washing machine
– Facade with high thermal insulation
– Social sustainability due to community development

– 19 self-designed loft apartments form a diverse community
– Shared entrance zone and integrated parking
– Shared roof terrace for common use
– Strong active home owner association
– Strong involvement of residents in project development in all project phases



Under construction

Buiksloterham, Amsterdam North

Cooperative Housing Community (CPO)



Main architect
Marc Koehler Architects

Vink Bouw Nieuwkoop B.V.

Project architect
Martijn van Sluijters

Process manager
Martijn van Sluijters

Project team
Marc Koehler, Martijn van Sluijters, Hugo Vermeer, Edwin Tukker

Vink Bouw Nieuwkoop B.V.

Installation engineer

Structural engineer
VanRossum B.V.

Other consultants
Cauberg Huygen

Made possible by
Province of Noord-Holland

Marcel van der Burg