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Superlofts Blok Y

Concept Superlofts Utrecht
– A self-initiated community housing project
– Highly tailored loft apartments within a fixed structural framework
– Each loft is individually designed to meet the wishes of the users and can be adapted over time

– 5 types of lofts: the “Herenhuis Lofts”, the “Start Lofts”, the “Doorzon Lofts”, the “Japanese Lofts” and the Penthouse Lofts
– Sustainable casco with lofts that are 6 to 9 meters high, 15 meters deep and 4,5 to 9 meters wide

– Floor heating/cooling based on independently operated, off-grid geo-thermal installation, with heat recovery
– Active solar power for communal energy need
– CO2 sensitive heat recovery central ventilation unit with integrated cooling
– Passive solar heating by double glazed surfaces + electric sun screens
– Waste sorting
– Adjustable interior wall system: flexibility in time equals future proof
– Use of sustainable, low-maintenance materials in facade
– Social sustainability due to community development

– 30 self-designed loft apartments form a diverse community
– Shared entrance zone and community garden on raised parking deck
– Strong active home owner association

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Under development

Veemarkt, Utrecht

Cooperative Housing Community (CPO)


Main architect

Marc Koehler Architects

Initiatiefgroep Blok Y

Project architect
Roel van der Zeeuw

Process manager
Martijn van Sluijters

Project team
Mitchel Ovens, Marc Verhoef, Dirk Overduin, Mariana Rebelo Fernandes, Marijn Luijmes