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Republica is paving the way for a new urban area combining public and private functions in Buiksloterham, an area of Amsterdam North where a dynamic transition from industries to a vibrant living and working hub is taking place.

The concept is ‘Open Frame’: a place where living, working and recreation blend into one. A place with the right balance between the individual & the collective, the urban & human scale. A synergy between functions and membership, with a new radical approach to sharing and service. Everyone that lives, stays or works in Republica has access to the shared functions, for example, a gym, swimming pool or room service. Visitors to the hotel can also reserve a workspace in the shared office. Republica demonstrates a flexible concept with high ambitions.

High quality outdoor public spaces are created by the strategic positioning of six volumes as an ensemble. The precise position, scale, and building proportions establish prominent sightlines across the immediate surroundings to the neighboring areas, inviting everyone to enter and participate. The vibrant urban plinth with restaurants and hotel face the Papaverweg, with a contrasting quiet residential street to the rear of the ensemble, on Bosrankstraat.

The outdoor spaces form an open landscape of squares, comprising public and private spaces which are activated by the adjacent programs. The diverse programmatic mix of hotel, cafe, sports facilities, apartments, work and atelier studios, allows maximum cross-pollination between the functions. Flexibility and adaptability for future needs on the ground floor are accommodated through floors of 4-meters high. In principle it is, a place for residents and the community to live, work and relax.

The varying building heights, rich materialization and careful detailing add scale and value to the area, setting the standard of quality for future projects in Buiksloterham.


Under development


Gross Area

Republica VOF


Main architect
Marc Koehler Architects

Project architect
David Klinkhamer, Eric Thijssen

Project team
Andrea Verdecchia, Marc Verhoef, Satoru Muneda