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Behavioral Patterns

This inter-disciplinary dance project explores the space between dancers, moving image, stage-set design, light and audio in an interactive live performance. It explores a dialogue between dance and its projected image, as seen observed by a camera from birds-eye perspective, revealing graphic patterns underlying the choreography of Juanjo Arques as a network of movements. In doing so,a 4th dimension is added to the dance experience.

The projection of movement on a vertical plan enables the understanding of time in space as a critical part of the performance. Both the choreography and the specially designed motion-tracking effects were inspired by complex forms of social network behaviour as a representation of the essence of the contemporary city.

Previous works of Arques explored the concepts of contact in dance. In this piece, his interest focuses on one side and the complexities of free-expression and form of the other. As an architect and lecturer at TUDelft, Marc Koehler is involved in the research of complex systems of human behaviour, identity and communication. The project is developed in close collaboration with Sticky: a leading creative agency, with studios in Amsterdam and Portland. They work in the development and design of interactive media and developed the complex technical interface for this project. Sticky developed the interactive software and technical concept of the project and designed the motion graphic in collaboration with Marc Koehler Architects.

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Het Nationaal Ballet


Marc Koehler Architects, in collaboration with Sticky

Juanjo Arques

Thijs Kalenbach

Angela Sterling, Ben van Duin