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Zuiver wint tender Bosrijk

Zuiver is uitgeroepen tot winnaar van de tender Bosrijk in Eindhoven (Meerhoven). Zuiver is een radicaal circulair en duurzaam alternatief op de typische Nederlandse woonwijk. Door de woningen te bundelen in drie compacte ensembles ontstaat er een groen hart voor sportief, sociaal en natuurlijk buiten leven. Ontwikkeld & ontworpen door BPD/Sprangers, Marc Koehler Architects, Boom Landscape, Tom van Tuijn Stedenbouw, Superuse Studios, Peter Mensinga (Arup), YuconVR en Robbert Snep (Universiteit van Wageningen).

project here

11 September 2018

Superlofts Blok Y wins category BNA Building of the Year

Superlofts Blok Y wins the prestigious 2018 BNA Building of the Year Award for the residential category!

We are incredibly proud of this success and thank everyone who contributed to this innovative project.

18 May 2018

Superlofts Blok Y Nominated

We are proud to announce that Superlofts Block Y in Utrecht has just been nominated for the 2018 BNA Building of the Year! Block Y is one of nine projects in the running to win this prestigious annual architecture prize organised by the Dutch Association of Architects (BNA).

The Superlofts concept offered a collective of 30 homeowners a blank canvas to customise their apartments according to their own needs, and engaged them to co-create the shared spaces which include a large communal garden and a lobby with shared exhibition space. A unique complex – where no two apartments are alike – results from the building’s collective character, active community of residents and high level of sustainability.

Read more about the project here

And lastly, please vote for Block Y to win the Audience Award: Voting opens now until 1 May. All winners will be announced on 18 May 2018. Good luck Block Y! (click to vote)

21 March 2018

Marc talks at Pakhuis de Zwijger

Technological developments are going strong in architecture. There are many innovative possibilities for creating, assessing and realizing projects. The impact of these developments is becoming more and more visible around us.

Pakhuis de Zwijger organizes an evening in which these developments are looked at from different angles. For this they have asked architects, designers and other experts to share their vision.

Marc will tell how Marc Koehler Architects looks for valuable connections between the environment of a building, living culture of the users and the innovative possibilities of the moment. He will answer what he thinks the architect’s practice will look like in 2030.

Thursday 8 februari from 20:00
Grote Zaal
Pakhuis de zwijger

Read more: Pakhuis de Zwijger

photo: Skilledin Office by Studio Rap (an example of innovative building techniques)

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FABRICK Construction phase has begon!

The first poles always remain a special moment! In collaboration with CASA23 we worked tirelessly to get to this point, and are therefore very excited about the start of the construction phase.

FABRICK is derived from the Superloft concept and gives residents the freedom to create their own dream home. The pioneering new residents will move in this year.

The project has a rich detailing with recycled bricks. This special project still has homes available. So be sure to check out to see if there is a dream house for you!

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MKA/Superlofts wins WAF Housing and Director’s Choice Award

Superlofts wins the prestigious Award for best housing project of 2017 in the world at the International World Architecture Festival in Berlin! Superlofts was selected as the best co-housing project. Chosen from 16 projects nominated by an expert jury in the ‘Housing’ category.

“A housing project as a concept about the process of engaging residents in the making of homes – from the marketing, though to investment in design and ownership through occupation,” said the judges.

Superlofts has also been awarded the Director’s Special Award!

We are incredibly proud of this success and thank everyone who contributed to this innovative project!

23 January 2018

Habraken writes about Superlofts in Chepos article

In the latest issue of Chepos Magazine, Habraken writes about the new generation of designers and builders. Habraken who for many is an inspiration in the field of innovative design, partly because of his ideas about open building and people, cites Superlofts in this article as an example of this innovative way of development.

“All these buildings were build and inhabited in a time of recession. Clearly, there was a market for this approach.”

The fact that the Superlofts concept is not only successful in the Netherlands is shown by the new collaborations with parties from different countries abroad. Read the full article through the link below and visit for more articles from Habraken.


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Aula Hogent door Marc Koehler Architecten

Carlos guest speaker Houtdag in Baarn

Carlos Moreira, our project architect and wood expert, spoke at the Houtdag 2017, focused this year on revolutions in wood. Presenting our design for the extension and renovation of Campus Vesalius, the faculty of health care of Hogeschool Gent. 

“This being a healthcare faculty we decided to approach the design using the logic of a doctor. By first recognizing the symptoms, making a diagnosis of the issues within the existing building and designing a proper treatment.” Carlos Moreira stated.

The choice of wood was based on multiple factors. Most important was to minimize the impact on the school in terms of noise and construction time, which was drastically reduced.

We also aimed to create a great contrast to the existing concrete/stone structure. The other benefits of working with this material were a positive acoustic improvement and warm feeling that wood offers, turning the building into a more pleasant and healthy environment that the students can relate to.


See more 28 November 2017

Marc present Superlofts on ABX Boston

From 8 to 10 November, the Greenbuild ABX 2017 will take place in Boston. During this international conference, Marc will talk about the Superloft concept. With Superloft as a progressive example, together with Stephan Kendal, John Dale and David Hanitchak, the theme of “An Infrastructure Strategy for Resilient Buildings” is discussed.

For more information about the ABX Workshop click here

8 November 2017
Nominatie Superlofts Houthaven 4 voor de ARC Innovatie Award

Superlofts Houthaven plot 4 nominated for ARC17 Award

Marc Koehler Architects is one of three nominees for the ARC17 Innovation Award. Remarks of the jury: “Marc Koehler, Superlofts Houthaven Plot 4, Amsterdam: For the development of a new housing concept in which construction systems are used in a flexible way and residents are insured of maximum freedom of division within a future-proof block.”

6 November 2017
SL Houthavens on the shortlist of the WAF Awards

Superlofts Houthaven on shortlist WAF Awards

MKA is nominated with the Superlofts project for the WAF Awards Best Residential Project 2017. Ten projects are competing at the WAF in Berlin where we will present our work for an international jury.
Superlofts is a global network of building-communities which uses an open building system to create their ideal appartement building together.

see other nominations here

See more 4 November 2017
Superlofts Houthavens Shortlisted for the WAN Awards

Superlofts Houthaven shortlisted for 2017 WAN Residential Awards

2 November 2017
House Like Garden facade in the Financial Times

MKA Featured in the Financial Times

House Like Garden featured in an article written by Dominic Bradbury for the Financial Times:  “Brick’s infinite potential for pattern, colour and formation is bringing an intriguing combination of the known and the new to contemporary homes, says Dominic Bradbury”

Read the full article here

See more 30 October 2017

Superlofts on ArchitectuurNL

In this article Marc, as a founder and inhabitant of Superlofts, tells you all about what this contemporary project means. How it originated and developed to a new form of collective living. Read the article here and see the photos here!

See more 9 May 2017
marble kitchen and diner table in david loft

Newest Superlofts interior David!

We proudly present to you the images of the beautiful interior of the loft of David and Marjanne. A loft where the open space is used in a very creative way. Curious? View the photos here!

See more 9 May 2017
Snapshot of Superlofts The Movie

Superlofts the Movie

Entering a Superloft is an experience. Get carried away through the Superlofts and experience the openness and unique characters of the lofts in Superlofts the Movie!

See more 9 May 2017
The splitlevel living area with entresol nicely displayed

Newest Superlofts interior Marc & Juanjo!

We proudly present to you the images of the wonderful interior of the loft of Marc and Juanjo. This exciting loft of the founder of Superlofts takes you directly to the source. View the photos here!

See more 9 May 2017

House like Village in the Volkskrant magazine!

We are happy to share with you “From an old canteen to a dream loft, an inside look with Susan en Stefan”, an article published in the Volkskrant magazine about House like Village! Take a look here!

See more 4 January 2017

Marc Koehler is judge at WAN House of the Year Awards

World Architecture News: “A progressive award requires a progressive jury. So we’ve assembled a panel of industry leaders to recognise projects that challenge conventional thinking and take house design in new and exciting directions. The WAN House of the Year Award 2016 jury includes: Marc Koehler, Chantal Wilkinson, Tom Kundig & Francisco Leiva.”

11 August 2016

In Utrecht the first walls of Superlofts Blok Y are already standing!

Click here for more information about Superlofts, and here for more inforomation about Superlofts Utrecht.

10 August 2016

Superlofts Buiksloterham: contruction is going fast!

Pictures by Isabel Nabuurs.

13 July 2016
group of visitors in lofthouse 1

Superlofts in Dag van de Architectuur

Full house today at open house Superlofts Houthaven and Buiksloterham during Dag van de Architectuur! Thank you for your interest and thank the owners for opening their homes!

19 June 2016

Archilovers Best Projects 2015: Dune House

Dune House has been selected as one of the Best on Archilovers 2015. Out of 50.000 projects published last year, Dune House was one of the most ‘loved’ Check out our Archilover-page here.

31 May 2016
double wide loft under construction in the houthavens

Houthaven nears completion!

Superlofts Houthaven nears completion! The first lofts will be ready this month. Want to take a look for yourself? Come and see the building progress from the Haparandaweg in Amsterdam. Click here for more photo’s.

30 May 2016
Marc sitting at the diner table with black background

Vodafone commercial endorsing Superlofts!

Check out Superlofts in the new Vodafone business campaign!

30 May 2016

Book publication: Upcoming agenda makers in architecture

As one of the upcoming agenda makers in architecture, Marc Koehler is one of the participating authors for X Agendas for Architecture. The official launch of the book will be held at the opening day of the Dutch Pavilion at the upcoming Venice Biennale (on Friday 27th May at 11.15).

20 May 2016
screenshot of the VR tour of the Dune House

Visit Dune House in VR!

Check the new app of Bricks & Goggles for a virtual reality tour in the Dune House! It offers you an amazing view of the design and its natural surroundings. Click here for iOS and here for Android.

10 April 2016

Dune House wins North American Award!

The Dune House has won an Award at the Wood, Design & Building awards initiated by the Canadian Wood Council. This is the only North American program to recognize , award and publicize excellence in wood architecture.

3 April 2016
two projects by Marc Koehler architects both residential houses

Views to Volumes

”Using radically different strategies, Marc Koehler conjures up a pair of spatially adventurous houses” Read about the House with 11 Views and Lofthouse I in a 12-page spread in MARK Magazine #61. The issue is available now!

Want to see more? Get a digital tour inside Lofthouse here.

1 April 2016

Future of the Community Library

On wednesday 16th March, Marc Koehler will be giving a lecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the TU Delft: Future of the Community Library. The Lecture starts at 10.45 in Room C.

9 March 2016
logo of the ELLE decorative talk

Marc Koehler to speak at Elle Decoration Live

Marc Koehler is invited to give a lecture at ELLE Decoration LIVE, happening this upcoming weekend in Amsterdam.

The talk is taking place at the Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam, on the 28th of November 2015 at 14:20. You can see the full program here, and buy tickets here.

See more 26 November 2015
staircase and three windows with old Dutch paintings as sunscreens

House with 11 Views

The new pictures of House with 11 Views, our family villa project in Almere, are now available on the website. Click here to go to the project page.

See more 18 November 2015
logo of the WAF awards Singapore

Dune House at WAF 2015

The World Architecture Festival 2015, for which Dune House has been shortlisted in the Small Projects Prize, is currently taking place in Singapore.

Marc Koehler will present the project to the WAF international judging panel, and the winners will be announced during a ceremony on the 6th of November.

See more 4 November 2015

Loft House I

Our project Loft House 1, a single family house in Amsterdam Noord, was recently completed! Click here to read more about the project, and here to see the 360º pictures of the house.

See more 1 November 2015

Superlofts Superlaunch — Thank you!

MKA wants to thank everyone that was present at the Superlofts Superlaunch! More than 300 people attended the event, where we had the opportunity to explain the concept, show new research locations and answer questions about Superlofts.

See more 29 October 2015
The loft house with white walls, wooden details and 6 meter high ceiling

Marc Koehler featured in

Marc Koehler was recently featured in In the article, “Een kind erbij? Bouw er een kamer bij”, Marc talks with Eneco about the Superlofts project, in the occasion of the Dutch Design Week 2015. Read the full piece here.

Click here for more information about Superlofts.

See more 23 October 2015

Marc Koehler to speak at GRAS Kennisboo(s)t

Marc Koehler is one of this year’s GRAS Kennisboo(s)t guest speakersThe lecture will focus on the Superlofts concept as an alternative to the traditional housing system. Kennisboo(s)t is a GRAS (Platform voor Groningen Architectuur en Stedenbouw) initiative, which aims to bring together an interdisciplinary group of experts to share their views on the city and landscape.

The talk is taking place at the GRASboot in Groningen, on the 6th of October 2015 at 20:00. For more information click here.

See more 4 October 2015

Marc Koehler at Bureau Europa’s Evaluating Alternatives

“On Friday 2 October, the architect Marc Koehler gives a lecture on the changing role of the architect within design practice. Koehler, and his office MKA, is an innovator of other methods for architecture.”

Marc Koehler is one of the invited speakers of Evaluating Alternatives, a new lectures series organised by Bureau Europa. The talk will focus on the new roles and alternative revenue models within design practice, with Marc presenting the Superlofts project.


See more 30 September 2015

Superlofts Superlaunch

Join us for the Superlofts Superlaunch, on the 28th of October, from 17:30 to 20:00 at Pllek (Amsterdam Noord, NDSM terrein)!

During the event MKA will explain the Superlofts concept and present the future plans for the project, including new under research locations.

For more information please see, or contact us directly via

See more 28 September 2015
logo of the WAN awards 2015

Dune House shortlisted in WAN Awards 2015

We are happy to announce that Dune House was shortlisted in two distinct categories during this year’s WAN Awards: House of the Year Award and Wood in Architecture Award.

See our entry for the House of the Year category hereand for the Wood in Architecture category here.

See more 2 September 2015

Superlofts in Trouw

Click here for more information about Superlofts.

See more 24 July 2015

Dune House shortlisted for WAF Awards

The Dune House has been shortlisted in this year’s WAF Awards in the Small Projects Prize. The winning projects of WAF Awards will be announced in a ceremony in Singapore in the 6th of November 2015.

See more 25 June 2015
our superlofts member in crane finishing Superlofts Buiksloterham

Construction of Superlofts Buiksloterham in Amsterdam North started

On Tuesday, June 2nd, a festive ceremony launched the construction of the first Superlofts block in Amsterdam North.

See more 4 June 2015

Marc Koehler at Get Set Art Festival

Marc Koehler will be one of the speakers at this year’s edition of Get Set Art Festival. The festival takes place in Porto, Portugal, between 20 and 23 of May, with Marc Koehler having his lecture on the 20th.

For more information about the festival click here.

See more 20 May 2015

Campus Vesalius HoGent construction is well underway

The installation of the CLT construction (cross laminated timber)  in our project Campus Vesalius HoGent has begun and develops at a very fast rate!

See more 11 May 2015

Dune house in Yearbook 2014/2015

Our Dune House made it to the Yearbook 2014-2015 – Architecture in the Netherlands. In this book, the 40 most noteworthy projects of 2014 in the Netherlands are listed.

To order the book click here.

See more 11 May 2015

MKA is hiring

MKA is looking for new people to join our team. Please consult the Vacancies section on our website to know more information about the available positions.

See more 29 April 2015

Marc Koehler at Gebiedsontwikkeling #8: “Who owns the land in Amsterdam?”

“During the crisis, the production collapsed to about 2,000 homes per year. Many developers and corporations had to pay high land prices, forcing the construction to stop. The houses tended to be so expensive that no one could afford it. During the crisis, experiments were made with CPO (Collective Private clients) and individual self-build plots. They have proved themselves as a sucessful response to this “land issue”.

Marc Koehler will speak about the CPO Houthaven during Gebiedsontwikkeling #8.

The event will take place at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, on the 23rd of April 2015 at 20:10. The entrance is free of charge, and you can RSVP here.

Click here for more information about the CPO Houthaven.

See more 15 April 2015

Wooden construction of the Loft House is finished

The pre-fabricated wooden construction elements were produced in factory in 2 weeks, and assembled in situ in 4 days.

See more 15 April 2015

Marc Koehler at Archis Speaks Volumes #2

Marc Koehler was one of the speakers of “Archis Speaks Volumes #2: The Art and Science of Real Estate”, at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam on the 16th of March 2015.

Click here for more information about the Superlofts.

See more 15 April 2015

Construction of the third Superlofts block in the Houthaven started

Last Friday, April 10th, a festive ceremony launched the construction of the third Superlofts block in the Houthaven, Amsterdam.

See more 13 April 2015

On 8 April the official award ceremony of the Reynaers Project prize took place at the office of MKA

“Marc Koehler Architect’s office in Keizersgracht, Amsterdam, was the setting for the award ceremony of the Reynaers Project Award. Dune House was one of the ten projects nominated by the jury and that the audience was able to vote on the nominees over the internet, as the winner.”

Click here to read more about the official award ceremony. Click here for more information about the Reynaers Prize 2014. More information about the Dune House here.

See more 10 April 2015
render of the public garden in edegem

MKA wins its third Open Oproep competition in Belgium

Marc Koehler Architects, in collaboration with Delobelle Architecten (Gent) and DELVA Landscape Architecture (Amsterdam/ Antwerp) has been chosen winner in an Open Call competition in Belgium for the construction of a new community center, art center and library (VTC) in the center of Edegem (a suburban municipality close to the city of Antwerp) with their design “The Missing Link”. The construction is scheduled for late 2016.

An official press release from the Municipality of Edegem is available hereMore information about the project here.

See more 31 March 2015
a photo of the foundation of the Lofthouse 1 project in Amsterdam

Loft House Buiksloterham – the Twisted Staircase House

The foundation of the Loft House Buiksloterham, the Twisted Staircase House, is currently being realized. After the Easter holidays the installation of the prefabricated timber frame elements will start. Within a week’s time the wooden hull-structure will be assembled on site. Final completion is scheduled for July 2015.

See more 30 March 2015
Black background with white Superlofts concepts

Marc Koehler to speak at Shifting Perspectives 2015

As part of Shifting Perspectives 2015, Marc Koehler will give a lecture on the subject of Sustainable Transformations, and how these relate to shifting perspectives in architecture. Other speakers: Daan Roosegaarde, DUS, Philippe Rahm and Remko Remijnse.

The event is happening at the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology, in the Vertigo Building, on the 12th of March 2015 from 9:00 to 17:30. You can join for Marc Koehler’s lecture at 14:30.

Click here to find more information about the tickets.

See more 10 March 2015

Marc Koehler to speak at Archis Speaks Volumes #2

“Will Dutch real estate development go American, or are the States ready to adopt the Dutch Touch? One thing is for sure: sky–high mortgage debts have played a major role in the financial crisis in both the US and the Netherlands. At Archis Speaks Volumes #2, two experts from New York and two experts from the Netherlands will give their vision on the future of real estate development in times of slight economic recovery. Will real estate return its pre-recessional state of affairs, or has the situation changed to such an extent that we can expect changes to its very foundations?”

As part of “Archis Speaks Volumes #2: The Art and Science of Real Estate”, Marc Koehler will speak about the future of the architect and his relation to real state developments.

The event is happening at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam on the 16th of March 2015 at 20:00. The entrance is free of charge, and you can RSVP here.

See more 6 March 2015
The side of the wooden Dune House Terschelling represents the shape of a traditional house

Dune House wins Reynaers Projectprijs 2014

Dune House has been chosen winner of the Reynaers Projectprijs 2014, an award that recognises its innovative design, material quality and clever use of the facade and curtain wall systems employed in its construction. After the jury made a preselection of 10 projects, people could vote for the final winner so thank you for your votes! 

Here is what the jury had to say about our project:

“Dune House on Terschelling is in every way a unique project. The architect and client have challenged both themselves and the other building partners to come to a high quality design. The windows are large, irregularly shaped and at the same time really solid: needed in a salty and windy surrounding. The colours of the materials in the facade are carefully matched. In the interior daylighting plays an important role in the routing and use of the various spaces.”

See more about the Dune House project here.

See more 6 March 2015

Superlofts updates

Please click here to read the newsletter with all the recent updates about Superlofts.

Click here to go to the Superlofts section in our website.

See more 15 February 2015
Winners of Nederlandse Bouwprijs Marc Koehler

MKA wins the Nederlandse Bouwprijs 2015!

”According to the jury Marc is a committed professional, a pioneer, who takes initiative and responsibility for the building processes of the future. His approach highly appeals to the jury. The Dune House is an architectural achievement: beautifully detailed, excellent choice and use of materials and originally designed.”

We are pleased to announce that we were awarded a joined first prize for the Nederlandse Bouwprijs 2015 in the category of Talent met toekomst (talent with future). Click here to watch the video where the jury explains the decision, here to check the photos of the event and here to read the jury report.

Click here to read more about the awarded project, Dune House.

See more 9 February 2015
A photo of the article on Marc Koehler and his two personal project

MKA published in Mark Magazine #54

MKA was published in the last edition of Mark Magazine, number 54, February/ March 2015.

“Dutch architect Marc Koehler wraps home around office for his artist mother’s abode and raises a summer residence from the dunes of Terschelling.”

Click here to read more about House in House, and here to read more about Dune House. Order Mark #54 here.

See more 1 February 2015
Interview in Volkskrant with Suzanne Gisbertz

Interview in De Volkstrant with MKA’s client Suzanne Gisbertz

Suzanne Gisbertz, one of MKA’s clients for the Superlofts Houthaven, talks about her loft in January’s De Volkstrant, in an article about new housing typologies.

Click here to read more about the Superlofts Houthaven project.

See more 3 January 2015

Dune House published in Bouwformatie

The December’s issue of Bouwformatie magazine features our project Dune House in Terschelling, in a 3 spread article called “Scenography of Living”.

Click here to read more about Dune House.

See more 28 December 2014

Dune House recently completed and awarded

Our Dune House in Terschelling, that is recently completed, is nominated for the Reynaers Projectprijs 2014 (click here to see more), and for the Nationale Bouwprijs 2015, category “New Talent”.

See more 24 December 2014

Rhijnspoorbuilding most sustainable school of The Netherlands

We are proud to share the news that the design Rhijnspoorgebouw of the HvA is honoured by a 4-star BREEAM NL design certificate for excellent sustainable building design, construction and operation. It is the first school building in The Netherlands that have ever received such score.

See more 24 December 2014

Construction has officially started in the Houthaven

Elderman Ivens of the municipalilty Amsterdam drilled the first pillar of the largest community housing project in The Netherlands, De Hoofden in the Houthaven.

See more 24 December 2014

Superlofts comes to Utrecht

Blok Y of the Superlofts Blok Y in the Veemarkt, Utrecht. Based on the success of the Superlofts in Amstedam and Delft, we are currently designing Blok Y with an even higher sustainable ambition (EPC = 0). Join the building community!

See more 24 December 2014

New Superlofts

We are currently initiating several building communities for new “CPO” plots in Amsterdam. Sign up and become part of the building community and build your own Superloft with us!

See more 24 December 2014

Biennale in Venice

Marc Koehler was invited by AMO to discuss the future of the architecture profession at the Venice Biennale in November 2014. He was invited as 1 of 30 young architects to present their agenda for architecture in The Netherlands for the next 10 years.

See more 24 December 2014

MKA mentioned in Intermediair Magazine

MKA is mentioned in Intermediair magazine, in the article “Who is the new Rem Koolhaas”. The article focus in the new generation of ascending dutch architects, and features MKA with the Dune House project.

Click here to read the full article, and here to read more about Dune House

See more 11 December 2014
screenshot of the video made for the Projectprijs Reynaers

Dune House video for the Reynaers Projectprijs 2014

Please click here to check the Reynaers Projectprijs 2014 video featuring Dune House.

Click here to see more about Dune House.

See more 11 December 2014

MKA in Parool

Three of our clients talk about their experience in Superlofts and about their tailor-made interiors.

Click here to read more about Superlofts.

See more 26 September 2014
Black and white drawing of Delft Superlofts

Superlofts Delft

On the 25th of August, Marc Koehler Architects, is organising an event about our loft apartment concept for the Spoorzone development in Delft. If you are interested, please let us know by sending an email to

See more 11 August 2014
blow up axonometiry of garden house

Prefab Townhouse

In response to our Superlofts success, we are now developing a eco-friendly self-built prefab townhouse concept, entirely made out of wood and glass and usable in row/terraced housing sites. The construction of the first prototype will start this fall in Amsterdam Buiksloterham and more commissions are on their way. The Loft House is a structural shell that offers  5,5 to 13 meter tall spaces in which the owner designs/builds his own interior walls, floors, staircases and fittings , supported by our interior design department MKA Home-lab.

See more 6 August 2014
Wooden rooftop of the Dune House in Terschelling getting placed

Dune House

The construction of this entirely wooden and eco-friendly Dune House project on Terschelling is well under way. By the end of this summer the inhabitants of this vacation home will be welcomed with all the comforts of their new house and a breathtaking view of the North Sea.

See more 21 July 2014
extension of the Goosen house render

Super Extension

This commission for a wooden garden pavilion is an “extension to an existing extension” to a dune house in Wijk aan Zee, and creates a hybrid space in between garden and house to capture the routes, views, wind and light characteristic of the surrounding landscape.

6 June 2014

MKA in B Niews with “Smallness”

“Art can be so rich and layered, but it seems that architecture can’t, it has to be so conceptual and straight. I find the richness that we sometimes lack in architecture, can be found again if you can let yourself be influenced by many different things.”

Marc Koehler talks about Superlofts in TU Delft periodical #08.

Click here to read more about Superlofts.

See more 14 April 2014

De Hoofden Houthavens

De Hoofden project, a collaboration between five architectural offices initiated by Marc Koehler Architects, has selected a contractor to proceed with the construction of 3 large loft buildings on the westside of the newly developed Houthaven in Amsterdam. The loft apartments are a series of optimised, climate neural apartments, available in predefined, configurations of 2 storey tall spaces, the interiors of which the owner can design in anyway they choose. De Hoofden is a milestone in architectural practice in which the role of the architect becomes all encompassing to include the tasks of the designer, the developer and the real estate agent. The community of owners are the shareholders of the project.

See more 7 January 2014
a collage of different models created by marc koehler

“Smallness” lecture Portugal

Marc Koehler was invited to speak at the International Festival of Creativity and innovation in Portugal, a unique event where architects and designers share ideas and work. As part of his most personal and intimate design method, ‘smallness’ featured as a central theme in his lecture. Marc was amongst three international and three Portuguese architects to give a half hour talk on themes of creativity and innovation.

See more 7 December 2013
three photos of homelab proces


MKA, as part of de Hoofden, is working on some very exciting custom designed loft interiors for our community housing project. In an intimate workshop called home-lab, Marc Koehler together with new owners of the loft apartments, creates the ideal interior tailored to the needs and daily rituals of the owner, resulting in the creation of a personalised space with a high degree of individualism and customisation.

See more 25 November 2013
render of the Dune House showing the basement floor underneath

Dune House — Construction started

Construction is well underway for the Dune House, a summer vacation home situated on the Frisian Wadden island of Terschelling to the north of The Netherlands. Partially submerged in a dune, the house has a breathtaking view of the ocean before it. The house has several areas allocated for the specific activities of the residents, connected along a spiral route that traverses the fixed core of the home which provides a panoramic view across the interior.

See more 14 November 2013
cover of the AIT magazine with an article of House like Village

House like Village — AIT publication

Our loft project House like Village has been published in the August issue of AIT magazine. You can order a copy online.

See more 29 October 2013
house with 11 views under construction last phase with water front

House with 11 Views — Almost watertight

The construction of House with 11 Views is well under way now. The facade already shows the emphasis on the views over the landscape. In a few days the house will be watertight and work on the interior starts.

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New Filip Dujardin pictures of our Community Center in Loker

Our recently finished project has been fantastically captured by the Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin, so take a look on our website!

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photo of the bare structure of the House with 11 views in Almere

House with 11 Views — Under construction

The construction phase of this family villa has started. Overlooking a typical Dutch landscape scene, the projects takes the typical Dutch light known from 17th century landscape paintaings as a base for framing views.

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opening party of Dune House 2

Dune House II — Opening Party

The renovation of Dune House II at Schiermonnikoog is finished. The traditional 60’s holiday home has been extended and referbished. Expect some nice pictures of this projects soon, so stay tuned!

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a render of the Kaswoning in Utrecht by Marc Koehler Architects

Urban Greenhouse

The urban greenhouse is part of a new community housing project called ‘de smaaktuin’ in Utrecht. With the ‘urban greenhouse’ we maximise the use of sunlight to produce energy, pre-heat ventilation air and grow vegetables.

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a render of the back facade of the black Superlofts building in Amsterdam Houthavens kavel 4


We are developing community housing projects in the harbour of Amsterdam. After the succes of our first projects, we launched superlofts. Check our website for more information.

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Reactivate! Responsive Innovators of Dutch Architecture

For more information about the ideas behind our Loft projects, check out the publication “Reactivate! Responsive Innovators of Dutch Architecture”. Click here for an impression of the related exhibition at Bureau Europa, Maastricht.

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