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Marc Koehler Architects

Marc Koehler Architects is an international design agency, founded in 2005 and operated by 4 associates and a multidisciplinary team of 21 highly skilled architects and engineers.

MKA offers an integrated and all-round design service, scoping from concept to execution design and operating in product & interior design and architecture & urban design.

MKA makes meaningful spaces and products that reflect new ways of co-living and a explores a socially responsible way of making buildings. ‘We try to create valuable connections between buildings and their environment, the culture of its users and the latest technical possibilities.  We aim to improve people’s lives by giving special attention to details in everyday situations and turning them into unique moments, using simple means’.  Architecture is thus not a luxury product but a creative mindset that can be applied to any spatial scale’.

Currently, MKA is involved in the design of ecological dune houses, experimental collective housing projects, urban design studies for self-made cities and several community buildings such as the University of Gent and the Library of Antwerp Edegem.

MKA is also initiator of Superlofts; a growing international network of building communities that share ideas and inspiration on self-made housing and cooperative development. For more info;

MKA’s work has been extensively published and awarded, such as the Dutch Building Award and WAN Best House Award in 2015.

Marc Koehler was born in the Northern Dutch town of Naarden in 1977 to parents of Dutch-Portuguese heritage. He studied Engineering at the Amsterdam School of Technology, Urbanism at the Technical University of Lisbon and Architecture at the Technical University of Delft, where he completed a Masters of Architecture (Honors) in 2003. A complete project list and CV is available on request.

Marc Koehler, Director / Senior architect

David Klinkhamer, Associate / Project architect / Manager
David Tol, Associate / Project designer / Manager
Eric Thijssen, Associate / Project architect / Manager
Martijn van Sluijters, Associate / Project architect / Manager

Anita Wulfrank, Financial administrator
Charlie Clemoes, Copywriter
Lisette Koopal, Management assistant
Yvette Schiffelers,  Manager HR

Alwin Pluim, Technical designer
Andrea Verdecchia, Freelance architect
Andreea Keresztely, Junior designer
Ana Marchidan, Designer
Annika Hetzel, Junior designer
Carine Marin, Architect
Carlos Moreira, Project manager / Architect
Dirk Overduin, Freelance interior architect
Fabian Streefland, Project manager
Femke van Lier, Junior designer
Fleur de Wever, Junior designer
Frans Damstra, Architect
Gabriela Vassileva, Junior designer
Lucie Nenickova, Junior designer
Mai Henriksen, Architect
Marc Verhoef, Freelance project manager / Senior architect
Markus Freigang, Architect
Marten Theeuwsen, Freelance architect
Matthijs Noordover, Junior architect
Michiel Kroese, Architect
Mira Nekova, Architect
Robbert Verheij, Freelance architect
Robbie Neijzen, Architect
Roel van der Zeeuw, Freelance project architect
Roel van Lent, Freelance architect
Satoru Muneda, Technical designer
Teun Vosters, Junior architect
Valentina Chiodo, Junior interior designer